16. October 2020 in Berlin.

Connecting Africa with EU.

The theme of this conference was, Gender equality and the role of civil society organizations.

Jerioth and Eleanor representing AWE e.V.


July 2020 in Trieste Italy.

Jerioth panelist and representing AWE-Team

From day one of Covid 19 lockdown in Europe especially in Italy people have been affected positively and negatively.

Being difficult to understand exactly how it affected the lives of people, a round table talk was organised for individuals and institutions to share their experiences in the the areas of work, social life, school and forcefull living under the same roof during this period.

We watched a video of 4 emigrant women, from Nigeria, Cameroon, Southern Cameroons and Senegal, all working mothers who shared their incredible stories

Migration and the Challenges

30. 11 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany. 

Organized by “Freundeskreis Alassa”.

Panel discussion on the cause of migration and the difficulties the migrants are facing in Germany.  Eleanor and Jenny representing AWE-Team. Jenny was also one of the panellists.