Sunshine Kids

Sunshine kids: Kids Helping Kids, an initiative from Mira to raise funds and help disadvantaged kids in Africa to acquire basic education.

Sunshine kids is a program that provides educational aid, medical assistance and basic necessities for Kids and youths in disadvantaged families, kids in refugee camps and internally displaced kids in war torn regions in Africa

The objective is to give hope and a sense of belonging to disadvantaged kids. We run this program in partnership with orphanages and families.

We also work in close collaboration with NGOs, churches and parishes as well as other women’s associations in the communities where these kids live. We look for Godparents and Patrons who support the project financially and ensure that the needs of these kids are provided for.

We also look for donors to help sustain these kids.

The needs of these kids

✔ Books, school uniforms, shoes and clothing
✔ Regular payment of school fees and other things necessary to ensure the smooth running of their education
✔ Assist them in medical care
✔ Provide them with food and shelter

The AWE-Team keeps in touch with these kids, motivates and encourages them to attain their dreams.  The implementation of the project is carried out by our partners in the localities  where the kids live.

Some internally displaced kids in the English speaking region in Cameroon (Southern Cameroons).
Over 600.000 Southern Cameroonians and mostly kids and mothers have been rendered homeless since the outbreak of the war in 2016. (Picture: July 2019)

Internally displaced persons in English speaking region in Cameroon. The vulnerable (mothers and Kids) are the most affected. (Picture: June 2019)

Refugee Camp in Nigeria 2019: AWE Team organized a Christmas party for Refugee kids who escaped war from the English speaking region in Cameroon:

Chairlady Eleanor in September of 2019 on a mission to the field. She met with women who fled with their kids from war in the English region in Cameroon and found refuge in Nigeria. On this mission, she had several meetings with the women in which they explained their needs and how these could be fulfilled.

We reach out to these kids through our cooperation partners who are stationed in the localities.

They inform us about the persons in need and keep us updated on how the project is running. The results of our engagement are published on our Website and also on our Facebook page.
Donations for this project should please be coded Sunshine Kids, so that it is used only for this purpose.

Thanks for your generosity.
God bless Giver and Receiver

Eleanor Hagen